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A place for support and understanding.  You are not alone.

Welcome to aperfectstranger, a giving garden of ideas and resources to engage with emotional suffering -- depression, anxiety, trauma and the like.  For teens and young adults and everybody who cares about them.  In honor of those who have left too soon and those trying to stay.

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Exploring and practicing mindfulness can create new perspectives and bring joy and peace. As a couple of places to start that is highly...

Push pull

As you work on understanding it can be difficult especially with a teenage boy or any young person who prefers to keep it all inside and...

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This site is developed and written from the perspective of people who know suffering and those who have witnessed the suffering of their teenage son.  Content on this site is not intended to diagnose illness or provide medical advice.  Posts on this site both in the forum and blog are visible to others.  The site administrator does not share email addresses with third parties.

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