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Johns Hopkins psilocybin research holds promise to reduce major depression

For Press Release from Johns Hopkins:

For video of Roland Griffiths, Ph.D., discussing his research:

For video of a research participant discussing their experience in the study:

For the published research:

Traditional SSRI anti depressant treatments with and without talk therapy help many people. However there are many more people who are not helped or do not appreciate the side effects that can accompany the SSRI treatments. I have already discussed Ketamine infusion therapy as a potential treatment for major depression with a particular benefit of quickly reducing suicidal ideation. Psychedelics are now gaining momentum as another possible treatment. The promise of psychedelics and ketamine is that they are not an everyday treatment and they have few side effects. While these treatments may need to be experienced more than once (with psychedelics we just don't know yet) they can be refreshed on an as needed basis. They have the potential to unlock potential and gridlock in folks who suffer. I encourage you to read and follow along as the research progresses. And for those of you who need help now there are those who can help. Also, it is worth mentioning MAPS ( who is a non-profit in Phase 3 Clinical Trials presently using MDMA and therapy to effectively treat PTSD.

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