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We lost our son and brother Simon in August 2019 to the demons of anxiety, self loathing and ultimately overwhelming pain and panic.  He was three weeks from his 17th birthday.  Simon was a beautiful, giving young man who positively touched many people.  He loved to be on the mound with the #10 on his back, in the moment behind his camera, or with his friends hanging out.  He was an excellent student trying to navigate the ups and downs, the pressures and judgments from school, sports, and friends and family relationships.

We were clueless.  We had no idea the pain Simon was carrying.  And for what he would let us see, we had no answers.  No understanding.  This site is for all the Simons and their parents, families, teachers, coaches and friends.  For those who want to ease suffering, explore resources for healing and create peaceful and giving places for those they love.  It is our intention to share ideas, resources and possible paths forward (maybe different from those you are already aware).  We found them during our search to understand why and we think they are worth sharing.  We sincerely hope you find your way forward.

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