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Camala Buchanan
Aug 02, 2020
In Welcome to the Forum
The pain and internal suffering that comes depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorders and other mental health diagnosis can feel overwhelming, debilitating, and hopeless. Our natural reaction is to find something (drugs, sex etc.) dull and numb our pain. We hide our pain from the people we love thinking they don’t understand. Guess what ? They don’t need to, they just need to be there to give you a hug, to listen, or to just help with everyday tasks eating - self care). I know from experience that the pain may seem unbearable and you feel like nothing will ever get better and you can’t go on. Having people around will remind you that you do matter and that this pain won’t last forever. It doesn’t have to be family, it can be anyone who cares about you. A total stranger and his wife saved my life and they run this blog. We met at a Suicide survivor meeting. I went because I felt like I couldn’t be here anymore and I found them. Although they had recently experienced so much pain, they provided me with the support and kindness that saved my life.

Camala Buchanan

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